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 Raweia Lababidi Al-Nouri                                               Nawal Al-Nouri MS, RD, LD
Raweia                                       IMG_7117

   Los Angeles, CA
Raweia received her bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture from Lebanese American University. Though her professional field of study is unrelated to the culinary arts, Raweia’s infatuation began at a young age—always hungry to try and explore new foods other children were reluctant to eat. As a freshman in college, she discovered her passion for cooking for others while watching friends enjoy her first meal cooked—a traditional Arabic dish named “riz ib bazela”. Expressing her love through food, this Middle Eastern foodie strives to maintain the refined, deep taste of traditional dishes while modernizing them into presentable pieces of art.
  Columbus, OH
 Nawal received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Illinois at Chicago in Nutrition Science. Determined to use food in place of a dreaded multivitamin, she learned the science behind the foods she cooked with each day and grew accustomed to maximizing the most nutrition out of each recipe. Using her meat-and-potato loving husband as a test subject, this foodie began modifying old family recipes as well as generic ones online to yield recipes that were not only nutrient dense, but also complex and flavorful. She is eager to start her career as a dietitian knowing that she is helping those around her sincerely enjoy nutritious foods, one dark leafy green at a time.


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